Scott and Company LLC is always looking for like-minded individuals to staff its ever growing business needs and challenges. Are you that individual? Are you constantly looking for a challenging position in a progressive firm that does not sacrifice quality of life? Do you desire a job that develops your technical, analytical, and communication skills through continuing professional education, a high degree of contact with challenging organizations, and the availability of management who want to implement your ideas to build a better professional services practice? Can you stand a professional environment that values your personal life as much as your business life? If so, Scott and Company LLC is the career opportunity you've been looking for.

Professional Staff

Scott and Company LLC is a progressive thinking, technology-driven firm looking for college graduates and experienced staff to service their growing client base. Traditional positions in audit, tax and consulting are just the beginning. Staff are encouraged to pursue interests in other fields, develop skills through education and training, and explore new services (i.e., business valuations, technology consulting, software development, and marketing). Ultimately, Scott and Company LLC believes an investment in employees is an investment in the firm's success.

Intern Program

Scott and Company LLC takes great pride in its intern program for Columbia area college students. Interns are given many of the responsibilities they can expect as professionals in a public accounting career. A typical intern starts at Scott and Company LLC during his/her junior or senior year of undergraduate work in accounting and works through graduate school.

Current Employment Opportunities

Please email jchavis@scottandco.com and attach your resume in order to inquire about one of our open positions.

Please note, this is an invitation to contact the firm about potential job opportunities, and is no way, express or implied, an offer for specific employment.